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5-stars2_sm  “Great place for a quick bite”  July, 2016
We stopped on our way home from WA. Loved the 1/2 turkey sandwich I had (enough as a whole sandwich). Hubby had a bowl of cream of asparagus and 1/2 tuna sandwich. Order at the counter. Atmosphere was very nice, personnel were nice and service was quick. Someone stopped in and said it’s their favorite place to stop, coming from southern CA, and that the apple turnovers in the am are delicious. They didn’t have any when we were there about 2 pm. I’d definitely come here as a regular!

5-stars2_sm  “Always a great stop for a snack”  July, 2016
Have been stopping at Ellie’s on my way up “the Five” for many years. It’s a great place to have a coffee and a sandwich to keep you going. Their sandwiches are works of art, with local bakery bread and meats and cheeses from local vendors, all of it very tasty. They’ve got a lot of pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth, also. It’s a favorite with the locals, and for good reason.

5-stars2_sm  “Breakfast stop for travelers ”  June, 2016
2nd time we stopped at Ellie’s. Always clean and yummy pastries. Very friendly staff, charming atmosphere and large dining room. Highly recommend.

5-stars2_sm  “Cool little neighborhood bakery”  May 29, 2016
Came here for some breakfast before heading out to Shasta. My hotel’s continental breakfast wasn’t much to speak of, so I came here for coffee and a sandwich. The staff was very friendly, and the breakfast sandwich was spot on. Cool little neighborhood bakery.

5-stars2_sm  “Good Coffee, Easy Access and a little history”  May, 2016
Stopped by for coffee and a quick b’fast. Got some terrific granola and coffee. Nice home town local place. Probably really cozy in the winter! Check out the history wall and learn about the building. Fascinating!

5-stars2_sm  “Wonderful little cafe! GREAT COFFEE”  March, 2016
This is the kind of little cafe that I wish we had in our home town. We stopped here to grab a coffee on our way out of town and I fell in love with this place. I wish we had more time to spend there. The ladies working there are so friendly, the cafe itself is beautiful and clean, and the coffee is amazing too! I am SO glad we stopped here and we will be back! And now as we continue our road trip we are contemplating opening a coffee shop / wine bar of our own.

5-stars2_sm  “Great lunch stop on I-5”  February, 2016
Excellent food and service, great coffee, highly recommended. We stop every time we are enroute between Oregon and California and have never been disappointed. Ellie’s is the best.

5-stars2_sm  “GREAT COFFEE, OUTSTANDING BAKERY!!!”  December, 2015
Great coffee served and Espresso bar! You can count on their home baked goods as being of the highest quality, made with real butter and excellent ingredients. There is not much to choose from around Weed, so we are so pleased to have such a FINE local bakery here!

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5-stars_sm  Oh my… Ellie’s came recommended by a customer of mine. I told him I was going to Crater Lake, he said I had to stop at Ellie’s. First off, the staff were awesome. The breakfast sandwich hit all the right buds. Everything seemed really fresh, and the flavor was great. But MAN the Blueberry Bavarian pastry was Amazing. She offered to heat it up, and it was mouthgasmic! Seriously, they should be illegal. I’m a sweets guy. This was in my top 3 favorites. The Chocolate Croissant was better than any others I’ve had, and the White Chocolate Raspberry squares… Lordy. The lemon bar, my friend loved.. Not a lemon guy. Really, this place was so good I stopped on the way to Crater Lake, and on the way back. I get recommendations all the time, and for once they were right.
Mike W ~ Rohnert Park, CA

5-stars_sm  Found this bakery and sandwich shop in Weed, CA as we made our way north. Turned out to be a great stop. Sandwiches piled high with meat and cheese on dense homemade bread. The chicken gumbo soup was a bonus. Oh yes, did I mention they have cookies, brownies, and iced mocha! The staff was friendly and quick with food. Free Internet a nice add on. Thanks for a great lunch.
Doug J. ~ Dayton, WA

5-stars_sm  Really nice coffee shop on Main Street. Very friendly staff, great coffee, and really tasty morning muffin! Free wi-fi, cozy chairs, plenty of tables — great place to relax and enjoy breakfast!
Nory B. ~ San Diego, CA

5-stars_sm  Good latte & a delicious BLT, atmosphere quiet, clean, pretty, but relaxed. Lots of room to sit and rest, eat, read, visit, good Wi-fi. Baked goods are amazing!
LisaKaren D. ~ Beaverton, OR

5-stars_sm  Great coffee, great customer service, and the breakfast melt was awesome! My husband and I are going up to Crater Lake and were going to take our food to go. After waiting for a few minutes in the cute seating area, we decided just to wait and eat it there. Definitely would recommend this spot for someone looking for a good cup of coffee and a breakfast!
Vicky K. ~ Slippery Rock, PA

5-stars_sm  Always stop into Ellie’s when I drive from Bend, OR to San Fran. The staff is super welcoming and helpful in picking out what food to eat. Great sandwiches, coffee, and pastries. Been here 3 times and always look forward to when I will be back.
Kimberly P. ~ San Mateo, CA

5-stars_sm  What a treat! My dad always stops there on his way through and told me I should give it a try. I had 1/2 sandwich (beef) and soup (cheddar broccoli)  plus a cinnamon roll for the road. I will never not stop again; it really was the perfect lunch. He gets a Frappe which I passed on but will probably get next time.
Stewart C. ~ Windsor, CA

5-stars_sm  Without exception, the best place to eat in the town of Weed, CA. No, really. Our first experience was too good to be true, a turkey cranberry sandwich I could barely finish due to its enormity. Thought it was a fluke and thought, “This place can’t be consistently THAT good”.  So we went back again. They have a couple of wonderful micro-brews on tap, plus a wide choice of local and regional wines. The service was again outstanding and the food was amazing. Went back again. And again and haven’t been disappointed yet. Great place. Great staff, wonderful jam music most Fridays where you feel like you have an ensemble playing in your living room. Can’t say enough good things about this place.
John L. ~ Weed, CA

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  1. Friday June 26th, 2020. We were looking forward to giving Ellie’s a try for lunch and to support a local business during the pandemic. Unfortunately when we arrived the workers were not wearing face masks nor was there hand sanitizer available. One worker standing chatting with a coworker behind the cookie case, outside of the protective clear barrier  at the cash register, touched his face and coughed into his hand. They continued their conversation. We figured it was best for our health to go where CDC guidelines are being followed.

    This is being shared not to get any one in trouble but to encourage the owners to follow the CDC guidelines and train their employees properly.

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